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Watershed Management Planning: Phase I & Instream Flow Study: Stage 1 (funded by Prop 84 Planning Grant)

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The San Luis Obispo County IRWM Region received $1M Proposition 84 Round 2 Planning Grant funding. This funding is distributed amongst the IRWM Plan update and six planning studies, which help to address key planning needs in the county. Of the full grant, $250,000 is funding initial watershed management planning activities.


The local Resource Conservation Districts (Coastal San Luis and Upper Salinas Las Tablas) have partnered to conduct a watershed management planning study. It is a preliminary effort to better understand regional watershed issues and priorities and to take a comprehensive look at the regionís watersheds and the associated concerns, challenges, data gaps, and priorities. The focused planning study includes:

  • Develop a Regional Watershed Management Plan Phase I (Visioning, Framework and Prioritization Methodology Development)
  • Conduct an Instream Flow Study: Stage I


Other components of the Watershed Management Planning efforts will be included in the IRWMP.

Final San Luis Obispo County Watersheds Management Planning: Phase I Vision, Framework & Methodology Development (2014)

Final San Luis Obispo County Regional Instream Flow Assessment Report (2014)

Percolation Zone Study of Pilot-Study Groundwater Basins (2015)

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