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Prop 84 Round 2 Planning Grant


Proposition 84, the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006, allocated $9M for the second and final round of IRWM Planning Grants. The San Luis Obispo County IRWM planning region had an opportunity to apply for a $1M grant under the State's Proposition 84 Round 2 IRWM Planning Grant Proposal Solicitation. To fully understand the planning needs for the San Luis Obispo County region, agencies and stakeholders were asked to submit information on their planning needs via Planning Solicitation Forms.


The Region's integrated planning proposal overviews the intended IRWM Plan Update. The main objectives of which are:

  • Build on successful collaboration and planning presented in the 2007 IRWM Plan
  • Incorporate and consider the four regional Proposition 50 planning studies
  • Consider and address DWR's enhanced IRWM planning standards
  • Consider changed regional conditions and enhanced planning approaches, including a revised governance approach
  • Address the highest priority data gaps and planning needs determined through the public solicitation and review process: Salt and Nutrient Management and Reuse/Recycled Water Management Planning and Watershed Management Planning


The San Luis Obispo County IRWM Integrated Planning Proposal was sent to the Department of Water Resources by the March 9, 2012 grant application deadline. DWR received 22 planning grant proposals totaling $13.3M in requested grant funding. DWR anticipates making draft funding recommendations in May/June 2012.


Final Application


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